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2017-12-18add path as argumentHEADmasterErik Liodden1-1/+14
this makes it possible to run the program in a different folder
2017-12-18put files older than 4 years in a separate folderErik Liodden1-0/+36
as the title says. this can be added to the bash scripts.
2017-10-14add siteErik Liodden1-1/+2
add /porblems as possible location
2017-09-21user can specify output directoryErik Liodden1-3/+5
added the --out <dir> option that enables the user to specify an output directory for the files.
2017-09-21add main programErik Liodden1-0/+167
the mail program to fetch pdfs. run with: python boil_me_baby.py --help there are still a few things that can be improved, mainly the regex collecting pdfs and course urls. however, for an early version it works pretty good.
2017-09-21initial commitErik Liodden2-0/+221
added README and .gitignore