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2017-07-15remove unnecessary *bpcHEADmasterErik Liodden5-60/+49
found and easier way to calculate bytes per chunk, and removed the corresponding function. this commit also take advantage of the `error` module.
2017-07-15replace cp with mv in makefileErik Liodden1-2/+2
Move the target binary from src/ instead of copying it. This will keep the tree cleaner and the binary will be included in .gitignore.
2017-07-15add error handlingErik Liodden4-1/+28
Better error handling by utilizing `errno`. Error has the following form void error(int err, char *fmt, ...); and calling it will exit the program with status 1. `int err` corresponds to `errno` defined in <errno.h>.
2017-07-13add first working version of the programErik Liodden13-0/+368
See README for details on usage. This commit add the first working version of the BinaryChopper program. Build by executing `make` or `make prog` from the top directory.
2017-07-13add .gitignoreErik Liodden1-0/+206
The .gitignore file contains general rules for Windows and macOS operating systems, as well as files generated at compile/run time. The .gitignore file also contains some local folders to make life easier.
2017-07-13initial commitErik Liodden1-0/+20
Add README with description of the project, BinaryChopper.